Born a Southern California native, Andrea grew up around freedom of expression, a uniquely open mind, and the ability to see beauty in every person, thing, and form of life that surrounded her.

Not hard considering being born into a family of artists. Andrea’s Father and her three sisters are all artists. Actually more like art feigns! Dabbling in photography, fine art, illustration, painting, and even her Father was a cartoonist and illustrator for the Hq. TUSLOG graphic division in the United States Air Force. Andrea quickly picked up the pen as early as the age of five and began what we now know as Andrea Young pandemic.

Her eye for curves and capturing the essence of womanly beauty, mystique, and passion has attracted fans from all over the world. When asked what motivates her for new pieces, Andrea responds with simplicity; unique and confident women, tattoo artists, nature, and the human form.

Andrea took the step of professionalism when she entered the doors of The Art Institute of California Los Angeles and graduated with her Bachelors of Art in 2004. Since then she has worked for graphic design houses and well known publishing houses, but has found it much more rewarding for herself and the client working as a freelance artist. She likes to get to know the client so she can deliver a more personal effect on the pieces commissioned.

Andrea may bring blushes across the timid face or feelings of lust upon the curious mind. Whichever it may be, Andrea Young is quickly becoming a name everyone will remember.

Bio By Ivy


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